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The landscape of Mt. Fuji where the mark of leisurely time passes.
Creating truly affluent lifestyles with the full of nature.

Fujizakura Kogen Villa Area ロゴ画像

Fujizakura Kogen Villa Area

Fujizakura Kogen Villa Area is located at the foot of 1,000-meter-high of Mt. Fuji which shows its beautiful appearance from season to season, is surrounded by rich nature and silence. If you listen carefully, you can hear the birds chirping, and if you walk through the cluster of trees, you can feel the scent of the deep green forest, a place where time flows in a relaxed manner.

Fujizakura Kogen Villa Area, which started selling in 1962, is a representative villa area in the northern foothills of Mt. Fuji with a history of over 50 years. It is located in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, and has a total of 3,830 plots for a total area of approximately 6.6 million square meters.

In addition, it is easily accessible from the downtown, close to shopping centers and medical institutions, and the use of settled villas has become popular in recent years.

Kofu Riverside Town ロゴ画像

Kofu Riverside Town

Construction of Kofu Riverside Town began in 1976. From the very beginning, the town’s concept has been to create a comfortable and livable environment.

In 2008, Chuo City in Yamanashi Prefecture was ranked No. 1 in Japan in terms of convenience for education, medical care, shopping, and access. We are proud to say that our urban development has contributed to this achievement. Our goal is to offer a rich and fulfilling lifestyle in a comfortable environment surrounded by nature.

A new town of 2,000 plots along the Kamanashi River where a large shopping center, nursery schools, elementary schools, and children’s parks are located in the town, meeting the needs of a wide range of generations with easy accessible. The town is located 2km north to south, with a stream and cherry blossom lined walkway in the center of the town, allowing people to feel the changing of the seasons as part of their daily lives. The area is also attracting attention as a new Linear Chuo Shinkansen station that is being built nearby.

Construction Section of Real Estate Department

We respond to all exterior needs, from design and construction management for new construction, reconstruction, and remodeling of holiday homes to landscaping, planting, and exterior work.
Our staff is also available for consultation regarding general housing.

Management Section of Real Estate Department

We have a management office in the villa area, and conduct inspections of the roads and maintenance of the water supply system so that you can enjoy a comfortable villa life.
We also support safety by patrolling the villa area.

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