Business Introduction

Designated Management

Connecting the history and culture of Yamanashi Prefecture, which has continued since ancient times, to the present day.
Participating in the educational projects of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Yamanashi Prefectural Sone Kyuryo Park ロゴ画像

Yamanashi Prefectural Sone Kyuryo Park

This is the birthplace of Yamanashi’s ancient culture, where many remains from the Preceramic period to the Heian period have been discovered. Sone Kyuryo Park is maintained while preserving the historical heritage such as the burial mounds – the largest burial mound in eastern Japan, the Choshizuka burial mound. Our company manages and operates this park as the designated administrator.

Fujisan Parking

Fujisan Parking (Yamanashi Prefectural Fuji Hokuroku Parking Lot) is a large parking lot designed to promote the convenience of tourists visiting Mt. Fuji. Our company manages and operates this parking lot as its designated administrator.

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